Of the Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda (but there is well worth ...

Bin Laden et al. Name change consideration of the temporary ... 00 years was established in, a Sunni extremist organization based in Yemen. Saudi Arabia government, is doing terrorist acts against the Yemeni government, Western interests. Supreme leader in Ana cell Abdul Kareem Abdullah Al cormorant abolition, there is a sometimes worked as one of the best leader Osama bin Laden aides of [al-Qaeda]. Force is about 000 people in the year time, are engaged in activities in almost all areas of Yemen. Date, weekly newspaper happened in France Paris [Sharuriebudo] one of the suspects of the headquarters attack incident to the Buddha of television, had claimed that itself has been dispatched from al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula "Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula" 00 years formation of Sunni Islamic extremist organization. Overthrow of Yemen and Saudi Arabia government, the elimination of Western interests in the country, for the purpose of the establishment of an Islamic state. 00 years of US aircraft bombing attempt incident, a suicide bombing in Yemen military base of 2.

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